Totally Notary is a licensed, bonded Registration Service contracted through the CA DMV’s Business Partner Automation program to provide vehicle titling services.
With seven-day-a-week availability and real-time processing, Totally Notary can save dealerships time at the DMV and/or IBC.
Advantages of using Totally Notary for your registration processing:

  • Online interface that allows real-time processing without slow IBC field office submissions.
  • Prompt processing to avoid customer complaints and potential DMV bond claims.
  • Save payroll and pay for processing only when you need it.
  • Plates and tags are on-site, and can be mailed with tracking to your customer if you choose.
  • Fees are verified to make sure you aren’t overcharged.
  • We process in-state and out-of-state deals.
  • We can go to the IBC for you if the deal cannot be processed online.
  • Totally Notary is a licensed vehicle verifier and can perform VIN verifications if required.
  • Local business office for drop off/pickup

How to get started?

Email Totally Notary your dealer name and dealer #, address, phone number and the name of the best contact.
We’ll add you to our database so you can start processing the very next day.

Notice to Customers:
We are licensed to provide vehicle registration service to the public, but our company is not a branch of the Department of Motor Vehicles. Registration services are subject to a convenience service charge.

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