Are you an auto dealership located outside California with a vehicle that a CA buyer wants to buy?
Do you want to simplify the registration process for your CA buyer?  Totally Notary and Vehicle Registration is here to help!

Totally Notary and Vehicle Registration Service is contracted and licensed with the CA DMV to provide vehicle registration services.  We have plates and tags onsite to facilitate your buyer’s registration transaction.

Steps for a simplified and stress-free registration:

  • Email the buyer’s Bill of Sale to Totally Notary VRS.
    Totally Notary will calculate the sales tax and registration fees for your client.  If the deal is financed, include the lien-holder’s name and mailing address.
  • Have the buyer sign a REG-343 California Application for Title or Registration.
  • The fees and original paperwork will then be mailed by traceable mail to Totally Notary at 205 Main Street, Suite J, Pleasanton, CA  94566.

Once the vehicle has entered CA, it will need a smog certification and a VIN verification.
After the smog certification,
-If the buyer is local to the bay area, the buyer can complete the process in person at the Totally Notary office.  Totally Notary is also a licensed vehicle verifier and will perform the VIN verification on-site.
-If the buyer is located outside the bay area, they would obtain a VIN verification from the DMV, CHP or a licensed vehicle verifier.  Once they have completed the VIN verification, they will mail the original REG-31 form to the Totally Notary office.  The buyer should not sign the form unless there is an error or irregularity.  Once the REG-31 is received by Totally Notary, the plates and registration card will be mailed to the client by traceable mail.

The DMV process can be greatly facilitated and simplified by utilizing Totally Notary to process your CA buyer’s registration.  No need for your buyer to go to the DMV for processing or the need to mail the DMV the paperwork or fees and risk potential delays.

Call Totally Notary for more details!


Notice to Customers:
We are licensed to provide vehicle registration service to the public, but our company is not a branch of the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Registration services are subject to a convenience service charge.

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