There are many reasons why someone may be driving with expired tags.  Sometimes they lost their renewal, or they moved and their renewal was sent to the old address.  Sometimes the vehicle was due for the bi-annual smog certification and they sent in their fees without doing it, effectively putting a hold on their renewal.  Sometimes the tags were stolen off the vehicle or out of the mail box.  They may think they have to go to the DMV, and don’t have the time to do it, so they postpone.  Sometimes they can’t afford the whole bill at once.   There is another option!

Totally Notary Vehicle Registration is a third-party DMV registration service that is licensed, bonded and contracted by the DMV to process title transactions.  Fully automated and linked with the DMV in real time, we can process your renewal and issue a sticker on-the-spot, so you can have the relief of driving legally again.  We can post fees toward your registration, so you might avoid penalties.  Do you have an incomplete application issued by the local DMV?  We can clear the hold and finalize your registration.  We can also update your address when you register so future renewals can be delivered to the correct location.  Our service fee for renewals is $30.

Not sure how much you owe?  Totally Notary can run your VIN so you’ll know before you come.  Totally Notary Vehicle Registration Service is open seven days a week.  Walk-ins are welcome.  After hour appointments are available during processing hours, up to 10:00 pm daily.  Cash, cashier check, and Credit/Debit cards accepted.  Credit/Debit cards subject to a 3% processing fee.  Sorry, no personal checks.

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