Do you need to register your vehicle? Is your renewal past-due? Have you just moved to California and need CA plates? Did you just buy a vehicle you need to register in your name? These are all situations that can prompt a long wait at the DMV. The good news? There is a alternative! It’s fast and the transaction is processed in real time. You’ll receive the registration card, plates or tag on site without the DMV lines and wait.

The DMV has licensed and contracted with third-party registration services to provide vehicle title services in real time. Registraton services can process most vehicle registration transactions; renewals, transfers, replacement of plates and tag, and duplicate title requests.

Totally Notary is licensed as a registration service with the DMV and has been granted Occupational License #95437. Totally Notary is also a licensed and bonded Vehicle Verifier and can perform VIN verifications on site or at your location for a mobile fee.

Don’t spend your day at the DMV! Call Totally Notary for a fast alternative.

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