Totally Notary has become a licensed, bonded and contracted third-party registration service with the DMV.  We can now process registration transactions in real time with no waiting.  Plates, tags and registration cards will be issued on the spot at the conclusion of the transaction.
Why wait at the DMV when you can be first in line at Totally Notary Vehicle Registration Service?
*A service fee applies in addition to DMV fee.
For more details see Totally Notary Vehicle Registration Service.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles, through their Occupational Licensing (OL) program, provides licenses to businesses wishing to become registration services.  A registration service is a person engaged in the business of processing registration  applications for the public.

To become a registration service, the business must become bonded and complete an application process including background screening.  Once the business has become bonded and completed the application process, the business is licensed and contracted to provide registration transactions.  This allows the business to be an intermediary on behalf of their customer with the DMV and to transport the transactions to the DMV for manual processing.

Those registration services that want to become automated and to process transactions in real time from their physical location, may enroll in the Business Partner Automation (BPA) program.
To become automated, the registration service must partner with a First-line provider which provides the software which allows the registration service to interface with the DMV.  As a BPA second line provider, the registration service can then process vehicle registration transactions in real time.  Transfers, renewals, and duplicate credentials can all be processed on the spot and the customer will receive their plates, tag or registration card when they complete their transaction.

If your out of state vehicle needs to be registered in California, you’ll need a vehicle VIN verification.  Totally Notary is a licensed and bonded Vehicle Verifier and can assist you on-site with your DMV form REG 31.  Mobile services are available for an additional fee.
For more details see Totally Notary Vehicle Verification.

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